Our Vision

To provide a network of support for women and girls in underrepresented communities. Our mentoring program promotes self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and leadership for improved mental health and confident living. As a result, our mentees acquire knowledge and resources to overcome predisposed social, psychological, and environmental adversities.

Our Mission

To support, educate and empower women and girls ages 12-24 in underrepresented communities. We believe in the transformative power of mentorship. Each female mentee is mindfully matched with a female mentor who guides the mentee through our leadership, social-emotional, wellness, and life skills curriculums. Our program supports the mentee’s life aspirations, encouraging them to explore their unique talents and abilities to develop their full potential. When given access to the appropriate resources, young women and girls are empowered to go for the “GOLD” in pursuit of their dreams.

Our Values


T – Teamwork:
We engage in respectful and professional collaboration with others. We are advocates of servant-leadership, upholding the vision, mission, and values of LGI.

H – Honesty:
We act with integrity. We are transparent in our communication and interaction with our staff, mentees, volunteers, and stakeholders.

R – Responsibility:
We are prudent with our resources and exercise good stewardship when executing our initiatives. We keep our commitments, maintain high ethical standards and seek competent counsel in our management and oversight of the organization.

I – Inspiration:
We empower our mentees to become their best selves. We focus on their unique life aspirations and encourage internal transformation as the path to external success and sustainable change.

V – Vision:
We champion innovation and expansive thinking. We elicit regular feedback from our mentees, volunteers, and stakeholders to measure the efficiency, effectiveness, impact, and quality of our programs and services.

E – Education:
We believe that life-long learning is essential to maximizing individual potential. We actively seek new learning opportunities.