Programs for Mentees Grades 6-12

Female mentees enrolled in grades 6-12 are matched with a female adult mentor who has passed a criminal background check and completed mentor training. All mentors are volunteers with our program. Our program curriculum supports the mentee’s social, emotional, and self-development. Mentoring sessions may be virtual or in-person, occurring once a week or twice a month for a minimum of 4-hours of mentorship per month. During these mentoring sessions, mentors assist mentees with completing LGI program activities and projects.

All mentees receive a “Squad Box” upon joining the program, including a T-shirt, a tote bag, curriculum resources, and motivational tools. Click the link to learn more about becoming a TeamGold Mentee or Mentor.

Bright & Bold

A 15-week Self-Discovery & Empowerment program provided to girls enrolled in grades 6-12. The curriculum focuses on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)
principles. The program’s primary objective is to improve confidence and self-esteem in young girls to enhance their physical, social, mental, and emotional well-being. Program participants are assigned creative projects that reinforce the curriculum. Mentors assist mentees with completing projects and assignments.

Courses Include: Navigating Peer-Pressure, Anti-Bullying, Emotional Intelligence, Body
Image, Relationship Building, Personal Development, Creativity, Goal Setting


A 15-week leadership development program for mentees enrolled in
grades 6–12. The primary objective of this curriculum is to help our mentees discover and develop their leadership abilities. Mentees are empowered to use their voice to facilitate change in the world around them. The culminating program activity is a leadership challenge presented as an opportunity to demonstrate what was gained from the curriculum. All participants receive a certificate acknowledging their completion of the program. Mentors assist mentees with completing projects and assignments. Completion of the Bright & Bold program is required before starting the Grow.Shine.Lead curriculum.

Courses Include: Public Speaking & Presenting, Team Building, Research Methods, Critical Thinking, Idea Generation, Conflict Resolution, Community Service, Project Management

The Leader's Alliance

A leadership committee governed by our mentees. Upon completing
the Grow.Shine.Lead curriculum, mentees can apply to join The Leader’s Alliance. Members serve until graduation from high school. Members of the leadership committee represent LGI at youth conferences, fundraising, and community events and earn community service credits for their participation. After graduation from high school, participants become LGI Ambassadors eligible for internships within the organization.

Programs Offered to Pregnant & Parenting Mentees Ages 12-24:

A year-round program for pregnant and parenting mentees with children five years old or younger. Mentees are matched with a female adult mentor who has passed a criminal background check and completed mentor training. All mentors are volunteers with our program. Mentoring sessions may be virtual or in-person, occurring once a week or twice a month for a minimum of 4-hours of mentorship per month.

The E.P.I.C. program curriculums foster an improved quality of life and overall well-being for our mentees and their children. Mentors provide support, guidance, and assistance with the program curriculums. Mentees receive valuable information for their journey of motherhood through our parenting, life skills, personal and career development courses.  Program participants can apply for assistance with their educational and vocational training expenses. Childcare/Tuition assistance for their children, transportation, and other living expenses are eligible for consideration. All program participants receive a certificate upon completing the program modules. Click the link to learn more about becoming an E.P.I.C. Mentee or Mentor.

Courses Include: Healthy Lifestyle, Parenting and Child Development, Labor and Delivery, Stress-Management, Emotional Intelligence, Injury Prevention, Life Skills, Effective Communication, Job Readiness, Career Development, Goal Setting

Programs Offered to All Mentees

Girl On-The-Go

A program that sponsors “on-the-go” experiences for LGI mentees. Mentees attend the chosen events with a parent or mentor. The outing must be pre-approved by LGI staff, and the reimbursement form submitted to LGI to be reimbursed. Reimbursable events include cultural experiences, career explorations, educational events that reinforce LGI curriculums. After the outing, the mentee must submit a written summary about the experience to be published in the LGI newsletter. Reimbursement is provided for the cost of the mentee’s admission only. The events must be local to the greater Los Angeles area, not to exceed $100. The funds for this program are subject to availability.

In-Real-Life (IRL)

A career-shadowing program where LGI mentees are provided an opportunity to connect with a professional woman working in the field or industry that the mentee is interested in pursuing. The objective is to allow the mentee more insight into the career path. The informational interview can occur virtually or via field trips accompanied by a mentor.

Lifegold Live

Mentee workshops provided either virtually or in-person where mentees and mentors host LGI sponsored activities or classes for LGI mentees. Guest speakers are also invited to present. Mentees earn GoldGear points that can be used toward gift cards and other items when participating in LifeGold LIVE sessions..

Lifecare Partners

A registry of professional service providers who have partnered with LGI to donate their professional services. This registry is available exclusively to LGI mentees. All service partners hold a valid license for their service field according to local, state, and federal guidelines and are in good standing with their industry’s governing body.

If you are a professional service provider who would like to be added to our LifeCare Partners registry, please complete the Volunteer Application, and a member of our team will get back to you regarding your interest.

Professional Services Include: Medical, Dental, and Mental Healthcare, Birth Coaching, Legal, Accounting, Transportation, Grief Counseling, Child Care

Partnership Opportunities

We currently license our Bright & Bold, Grow.Shine.Lead and EPIC curriculums to youth programs, schools, and nonprofit organizations. The curriculums can be adapted to any setting and are ideal for classroom facilitation. For a virtual experience, curriculums are also available through our digital license.

Please click here to contact us if you are interested in one or all our programs to inspire and ignite the spirit of the women and girls in your school or organization.

*All curriculums and program guidelines are subject to change at the discretion of LGI.