Meet Our Team

Rev. Tonda Terrell


Tonda is the founder of The LifeGold Initiative. She is passionate about mentoring and empowering teen moms, young women, and girls. As a former teen mom born and raised in the inner city of Los Angeles, who for a time relied on welfare assistance to support her young child, Tonda understands and relates to the challenges encountered by women living in underserved communities. 

Having overcome the adversity of teen parenthood, she encourages women and girls to “live from their potential and not their circumstances, as circumstances are always subject to improvement.” Despite her challenges as a youth and teen mom, Tonda went on to attend law school and earn her Juris Doctor degree. She also obtained additional training and certification in Mediation and Conflict Resolution. Tonda has had an extensive career in corporate management, working nearly 25 years in healthcare administration as a Practice Manager, most recently in healthcare privacy and compliance. 

Tonda is an ordained minister and a Certified Professional Life Coach who provides spiritual coaching, performance, and leadership development coaching for women helping them achieve spiritual, personal, and professional goals using a heart-centered, intention-focused approach for optimized living. She also serves as the Empowerment Architect for The Lifegold Initiative, overseeing all Empowerment & Self-Development curriculums.

Kelly Folson-Jones, MSN, Psychiatric N.P.

Board Member

Kelly is a board-certified Nurse and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with almost 30 years in the field of nursing. She believes God called her to nursing at the young age of 5. Kelly is dedicated to helping patients heal and is relentless in her love and compassion for them. Kelly believes in the mind, body, soul connection and delivers care in a non-judgmental, empathetic, compassionate way.

Kelly was a teenage mom and empathizes with people the world may have counted out. She loves to volunteer and gives her time and talents to developing and mentoring the next generation. Kelly has volunteered on medical missions in Haiti. She has served on many committees, from professional organizations to the church nursery. Before joining LGI as a board member, Kelly served on the board of a women’s empowerment organization in Indianapolis for nine years and helped develop curriculums during her time there.

Kelly loves to travel and has worked as a travel nurse for five years. She travels the country caring for the sick and vulnerable and has been on the front lines caring for Covid patients. Kelly is a caregiver for her aunt and assists her father with the caregiving of her mother, who has end-stage Alzheimer’s disease. She enjoys spending time with her two adult daughters and three grandkids. Kelly serves as the Wellness Architect for The Lifegold Initiative, overseeing all Health & Wellness curriculums.

Quiaira Terrell


Quiaira serves as Media Architect for the Lifegold Initiative and brings her 10+ years of experience in digital media strategy to the organization. Quiaira studied Communications in college and obtained additional certification in Viral Marketing. She also accomplished a life-long dream of becoming a published author. Quiaira is passionate about empowering women, and she uses her combined skills and experience to help LGI thrive. 

LaTanya Davis

Board Member

LaTanya is a licensed funeral director, grief counselor, and event planner who provides compassionate care to families who entrust her with representing their interests during their most challenging life transitions. She has dedicated over 12 years to compassionate care for the bereaved and more than 20 years to social service and government contracting. LaTanya is known for her strategic communication and inspiration to families. She works as an advocate and intermediary on behalf of her clients. Her current studies in grief counseling are an asset to her associated firms, particularly during the present pandemic, exhibiting the genuine heart of servant leadership.

As an event planner in the public and private sectors, she manages budgeting, scheduling, promoting, decisive implementation, and evaluation of intended outcomes. La Tanya serves as the Asset Architect for The Lifegold Initiative, overseeing all Life Skills and Financial Literacy curriculums.

Damesha McKnight

Board Member

Damesha currently works as a Reservations Coordinator within the California State University system and has worked in the nonprofit sector for 14 years. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Cellular & Molecular Biology and has a certification in meeting and event planning. 

Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, her greatest passion is fostering healing in others through action and service. Damesha serves as the Engagement Architect for The Lifegold Initiative, overseeing all organizational activities and events.

LaToya Thompson

Board Member

LaToya is a strategic communicator, educator, and author who strives to empower, encourage and inspire children and families. While volunteering with non-profit organizations and churches, she helps support early childhood and young adolescent programming. As an educator, LaToya has dedicated the last 18 years to enhancing children’s literacy and instruction. She invests significant time in planning and implementing curriculum objectives to support children’s intellectual, social and emotional well-being.

As an author, she has recently published two children’s picture books and continues to develop ideas that offer diverse representation in the world of publishing. She holds a Master’s Degree in Strategic Communication and Leadership and is beginning her journey toward a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership.

Her professional interests and focuses include studies in interpersonal and family narrative communication from a Christian perspective. She is also the owner of an education brand that she created to emphasize leadership, reader engagement, and imagination. LaToya serves as Communications Architect for the Lifegold Initiative, overseeing all Communications and Family Engagement Curriculums.